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Biter bort hodepinen    
Biter vekk hodepinen
(English translation)
Brace that could cure migraine
Ny mirakelmetod mot huvudvärk
”Redan efter första natten kände jag mig bättre"
Botox In Time
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Translation of  Biter vekk hodepinen

Biting the headache away

DRAMMEN (Dagbladet): During many years Madeleine Hære Johansen (11), going on twelve, was affected by such strong headache that she vomited. A little plastic splint stopped the pain.

Saturday 10, November

- Our little girl has gotten her life back and her colors are back on her cheeks, says mother Unni Hære Johansen.

Three years ago Madeleine got the diagnose child migraine. The pains forced her to quit her ballet class and her days in school became short and few.

Painkillers was the only recomendation the doctors could give. The attacks were very severe and could last up to two days at the time.

- The advertisement where Dr Hoff, DDS, was looking for « guinea pigs» in the beginning of October came as "manna" from the sky, says mother Unni Hære Johansen.

American method

The splint is just as big as an crownpiece of the Norwegian coin.

The Swedish dentist Hans Lennros have been using this splint at his patients during four years. Over 80% of his patients experienced headache relief. .

- His results were impressing so I decided to try the splint on Norwegian patients, says Madeleine's saviour Dr Thor Fredrik Hoff, DDS at the Mountainpath Dental Center in Drammen.

- I did not really believe that a little piece of plastic could help, but nothing should be left untried, says Unni Hære Johansen.

130 patients with severe tension headache and migraine applied to participate in the project, and Dr Hoff selected 30 patients for the clinical trial. The results will be ready in six months.

Dr Hoff dismisses that the belief - the placebo effect - has removed the pains.

- Noboyd believes that a plastic gadget will relieve the pains. And I should not say we can help everybody. But according to what I have seen with this splint I am convinced that the
treatment of headaches will become a part of the everyday work of dentists.

The reason behind the tremendous effect of the plastic splint, Dr Hoff explains like this:

- To bite teeth together can give tension headaches. This happens during sleep and is therefore difficult to control. When the splint thouches the front teeth in the lower jaw,
the tension in reduced, and the wrong actions of the jaw muscles avoided. With time the muscles become normalized.

According to Dr Hoff 80 Norwegian dentists have bought the concept.


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