NTI-TSS, Inc. can help your dentist to help you!

If your dentist isn't currently providing the NTI-tss, and you haven't found a dentist close to you who is (check here), NTI-TSS, Inc. may be able to help.

Print out and provide to your dentist:
Treatment and Prevention of "Bruxism" Using a Neuromuscular Suppression Device and Comments and Testimonials from Dentists Using the NTI-tss and Headache Relief: New Device May Reduce Migraine Frequency and Intensity (Good Morning America's webpage on the NTI)

If your dentist is interested, he/she can contact us at (416) 630-1905 who will provide him/her with free NTI-tss samples and instructions.

Or, you can email, our Patient Representative.  Provide her with your name and your dentist's name with his/her mailing address and we'll send your dentist the information and samples cited above  The rest is up to you and your dentist!